Wishes for Maria’s name day

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 21/11/2020

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Wishes for those celebrating today.

Good morning, my friends. It is a great day today! The people whose name comes from the name of Mary, the mother of Christ, have their name day.

I send my love to all who have the name Maria, Mary, Maro, Marios, Panagiota and to anyone else who celebrates today, along with these words:

The name of each of us is our identity, it is the most intimate thing we have in our lives. The name Maria with M and R bringing sweetness to the pronunciation and A, with its brightness enlarging the sound, it is a popular name in society and belongs to many of us.

I have searched the origin of the name and found several versions. I will share with you the following two:

-It comes from the Egyptian language, from the root “mr” which means love, beloved.

-It comes from the Jewish root “mr” which means bitter (from the myrrh) or from the “myr” which means revolutionary or from the root “mar” which means drop of the sea or even star of the sea.

You can choose from the above anything that suits you. I like the last interpretation better: drop of the sea. Whatever you choose, I wish you a joyful and blessing day!


With love


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