Wishes for Demetra and Demetrios

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 26/10/2021

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We in Cyprus and the Greeks in general are used to celebrating our name day, mainly for religious reasons.

But most of the names given to us, come from the ancient Greek language, and were formed when the first humans, through the sounds they articulated, were trying to name objects and ideas. This is how all the ancient languages formed and one of these is the Greek language. That is why it is important to search for the origin of our ancient Greek names so that each of us knows what heritage we carry.

I begin with the female name Demetra. I believe that it existed before Demetrios. Demetra was the goddess of agriculture, and by her our ancient ancestors were explaining the cycles of the seasons. When Demetra’s daughter, Persephone, was in Hades for six months with God Pluton,  who kidnaped her from her mother, Demetra was mourning, and the earth did not bear fruit. When Persephone returned to earth, for six months, Demetra celebrated, the earth was filled with fruit and so people could be fed and happy.

According to the Babiniotis dictionary, the name Demetra has as a second component the word “μήτηρ» (mother) and as the first synthetic the word «Δα» (Earth). In short, the name Demetra means mother earth.

So, let you celebrate today, all who have the name Demetra and Demetrios, that symbolizes the very existence of humans on earth but at the same time the sounds that constitute it refer to the actual womb of life (μήτρα).

Happy name day to all of you!



Bibliography: Babiniotis dictionary

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