Wishes for Constantine and Helen (Eleni)

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 21/05/2021

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Today Constantine, Constantina and Helen (Eleni) have their name day. All popular names, with completely different origins.

The name Constantine /a comes from the Roman language, from the adjective constans which means stable, sure. It is a Hellenistic name and very popular among Greeks in honor of the Emperor Constantine, who established the Christian religion.

My dear Constantine and Constantina, the stability in the meaning of your name I hope will inspire you in your daily life and give your life safety and tranquility. Happy name day!

Helen (Eleni)! A wonderful name. According to the dictionary of G. Babiniotis it is a name of unknown origin, but, as he also adds, inter alia, to his analysis:

…. Interesting also is the connection to a root vel-/svel- “shine” (sansk. svarati “shines, illuminates”)*.

So, this name shines and gives light to the people who have it. It is wonderful for everyone to be identified with their name, because, as we see, names are not simple sounds but concepts coming from the depths of time and were established to give quality to those who have them.

Happy name day to Helen then! I hope the light that characterizes the sound of your name will illuminate your everyday life!


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