Wishes for Artemis

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 09/09/2020

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My dear Artemis

In the glorious spring, your birthday comes again.

Spring is your age; spring is your life…

Now, suck the nectar of every flower that blooms in your world

and fill your life with the expectation of rebirth and creation

which tomorrow, will bring you the mature taste of summer.

Every age and every season have their beauty.

Spring, however, has the expectation and power of creation

that stems from the rebirth of life.

I hope you will recognize the power of your soul

and channel it creatively.

I hope you wade into the dew dripping from the petals of all the roses,

and fill your soul with tenderness

that will accompany you even when the roses wilt.

Enjoy the brilliance of today

but know that life does not end with the spring.

You were born in the spring.

A sign that your life has the power of creation,

the fruits of creation, however, you will taste in the summer,

in autumn, the expectation of rebirth will fill you

and in winter you enjoy tranquility and the certainty

that spring will come again…

Life is a perpetual cycle

joys and sorrows alternate, but

never signal a permanent situation…

Everything flows, and it is important not to get carried away,

from the taste of today and forget that tomorrow will wash away today,

whatever that is.

Joy and happiness are not in the unstable situations we experience.

They are in the certainty that you, the human being, is the chosen entity in the universe,

that were given the opportunity to create, and to love.

I wish you to harness the tremendous creative power that lies within you.

But never forget the dew drops that adorn your existence.

They make the difference!

With love



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