Wishes for Andrew and Adrian

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 30/11/2020

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Today, November 30th, Andreas (Andrew) and Andriana celebrate. It is probably the most beloved male name to the Greek-speaking inhabitants of this planet and beyond. To all Christians of the world it is a popular name because of the Apostle Andreas, the disciple of Christ.

It draws its roots from the ancient Greek language and particularly from the noun «ανήρ» (man) and from which the adjective “ανδρείος” (valour) is produced. According to Babiniotis’ dictionary, the word «ανήρ» is ancient and is relevant to the Sanskrit word “nar”, the Welsh “ner” and other ancient languages. This relationship with these ancient languages gives the name Andreas a deep connection to the primordial sounds of humanity, as have the nouns father and mother.

Andreas is the one who is brave, is valour, the one who dares, the one who never backs down. The same goes for the female Andriana. Names with authority and power.

My dear friends, you  who are celebrating today, I mention all the above to connect you with the importance of the name and remind you to bring yourself up to the height of the heritage you carry! Apart from the above interpretation, if you pronounce the name Andreas, slowly, listening to all the vowels and all the consonants, you will find the wonderful sound they withhold. It is not a random name. It is a name that shines with its “a”, which is harmoniously connected by the  sound of the “ndr”.

Have a wonderful day and be happy!


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