Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 28/12/2023

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A magical word that we invoke whenever we want to change the course of events and bring into our lives, as well as into the lives of those we love, health, happiness, and every good thing we may desire. However, we know that most of the time, words remain empty and get lost in non-existence. Events continue to follow their course, and human concerns prevail in our lives.

Yet! This word that has accompanied us since ancient times can nest in the deeper layers of our soul and heart, carry all the energy that governs human nature, and alter the course of events. If we want our wishes this New Year to have power and real hope, let’s wish from the heart.

Let’s say: Peace on Earth! And may this wish shake our existence and spread throughout the world with its vibrations. Let’s say it many, as many as possible, the more, the better.

Let’s wish health for everyone! Health! This precious and fragile good that is tested every day. Let’s wish it away from personal pursuits and see the world universally, happy, and robust, moving forward. Let’s give strength to our wish. From our hearts.

And if these two wishes fill our existence, maybe we’ll shed some of our greed and selfishness, maybe we won’t want revenge anymore, maybe we’ll believe that this Earth has room for all of us. Maybe we’ll bring down from the podiums the leaders who guide us into war, and maybe we’ll listen to the voice of Plato who said that all leaders should be philosophers. People who love wisdom, people who see the world beyond their personal ambitions and desires.

2024. A new year dawns on our small planet. We, the intelligent inhabitants of this planet, have established time and its measurement in 365 days to define human existence within frameworks. In frameworks that give value to our presence here, regardless of whether, in the vast universe, they have any counterpart.

And yet, we cross the threshold of the new year loaded with wars, diseases, the disappearance of thousands of people, threats, and hatred. We, as individuals, cannot do much about it. However, we can, as individuals who love peace, sincerely wish:

And on Earth, peace among humans.

Let’s offer the unique good that we all possess: the energy of our soul for a better world.


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