The window

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 05/10/2020

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I want so badly to open the window!

I am afraid so much to open the window!

Inside the stuffy room

the people around me are feeling comfortable in the stench.

Nobody wants to open the window.

I am afraid so much to open the window…

I am looking around for little help, but

no one wants to open the window…

The people I love avoid my eyes.

They do not want to open the window…

No one knows what is behind the dull glass…

Everything, good or bad, is inside the room

Everything known is around us…

I know that I must open the window…

Time is running out…

Years are passing…

There is no time left.

I must open the window.

I am afraid.

I wish somebody could help me!

But nobody wants.

Each one has their own battle.

The window is mine.

I must open the window.

What is behind the glass?

Is it bright or dark? Is it cold or warm?

Is it an ocean or a desert?

Nobody knows…

We are used to the security of the known

And we are afraid of the unknown…

Is it a vast plain or a cliff?

I will never know until I open the window…

But the greatest terror is if the window opens in a neighbouring room, same as ours.

It is especially important that the window opens to infinity.

I want to reach out

turn the latch

and open the window…

Maybe out there I will see with the eyes of my soul

the beauty of the universe.

Maybe I will experience the peace of silence.

Maybe I will hear the melody of the spheres

Maybe I will understand the mystery of existence…

A thousand maybes…

But I must dare

to reach out, turn the latch.

And dive into infinity…

I must dare!


August 21st, 2013

Editing in English by Andreas Markides



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