Thoughts on the poem “The twelve words of the Gypsy” by Costis Palamas

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 13/12/2020

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And I leaned towards my soul,
like at the end of a well,
And I cried to my soul
with the mind’s caw;
and from the deep well,
as if from a travel, foreign,
came back to me the voice

-You are the one, you are the incomparable,
You are the special,

You are the only one, you are the incomparable one, you are the special one! This is all of us and each one of us!

Every day, every moment, we should remember these words and feel good about ourselves.

During our lives, we all have experienced a lot of pain. We have been wronged, we have seen our dreams devoured and die, there have been times when we said: I cannot take it any more.

Many mornings, we do not have the strength to get out of bed and face our daily lives, whatever they may be. And yet we are getting up! This is strength. Our strength.

All of us have lost loved ones and there were times when the pain was unbearable. We thought we would never be able to recover.

But we did it! Because we are made for life. And life is stronger than death.

How many times have we felt inferior towards others and wanted to hide our faces and get away?

But we stayed and dealt with the situation. Somewhere inside us, we knew we were special. The truth, no matter how much it has been covered by the pollutants of everyday life, exists, it is there.

My friends, we are all special, no one’s better than we. It is not selfishness to consider yourself important. Selfishness is to consider others inferior.

So, let us keep in site of us the words of this great poet, as they come from the depths of our own soul:

You are the one, you are the incomparable,
You are the special

And remember them!

I close with another turn from this wonderful poem:

And if we fell into a fall unheard of
and on a cliff, we slumped,
the deepest, that no race has seen so far,
it is because when the time passes
of similar elevation, our ascending will be,
to the heights of the sky.

Have a wonderful day!




  • I have tried to find a formal translation of this poem in English, but it was not possible. I have translated the poem, and please excuse my translation if it is not good enough, for such a great poet. Furthermore, I hope you will be able to get the meaning.

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