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Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 29/01/2023

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I’m tired of watching TV.  I am tired of watching and listening about infanticides, matriarchs, stabbings, accidents.  I’m tired of listening about politicians and their disgusting acts.  I’m tired of sabotage, intrigues and the like.  I want to switch it off and never switch it on. Unless….a new channel is set up presenting the happy things in life.  Presenting, solely the pleasant ones.  You might think, of course, that life is not always pleasant.  The unpleasant ones are far more.  And then I reply.   We are intrigued by the unpleasant ones.  It’s that we don’t pay attention to the happy things, that’s making us think like that.

Imagine if we had a channel that for news would present the charities that are being done… To show people who won in life. To show beautiful landscapes, happy animals.  Children would talk about their dreams, about their successes. Listening to songs and music, watching bright smiles and children’s faces.

Really!  How peaceful we would feel!  We would escape from the harsh reality and look into life from a different perspective.

Yes! I’m going to set up this channel!

I’m inviting you to share it with me!

Maria Leventi Klerides

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