The ring

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 28/09/2020

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The little princess knew she was going to die.

It was spring at her place.

The sea was shining silver blue

and the wildflowers were blooming in the plain.

The time of her death had arrived.

The little princess was not scared of death.

The little princess was scared of her nakedness.

She had lost the sapphire ring

The Great Spirit would not recognize

princess Eftha.

And Eftha would be lost to infinity.

A star with no destination.

A star with no identity.

A star without a FATHER.

Death separated the body of Eftha.

from the soul.

And Eftha was hurled.

in a nebula of light

longing for her ring…

The desire of Eftha

burdened the universe

and the nebula

knelt on the earth.

A baby was born

in the sheep yard

and the baby

had the soul of Eftha.

Eftha became a shepherdess.

And Eftha loved the shepherds.

The Princess

loved the humble world

of the shepherds.

Eftha the princess

rolled into the grass

shivered in winter’s cold,

burned in the summer heat.

She loved the sheep,

She loved the sea.

Desire has gravity.

Desire is a compass.

Desire magnetizes the bodies

in the ether

and drives them blind.

Eftha’s desire

led her

in the rubble of the past.

With her claws and human members

Eftha searched

the stone hills

and as the stones rolled

and her hands bled

the ring appeared

waiting for her through the centuries.

The Golden Nebula

was elevated from the back of the earth

and Eftha’s soul

was separated from her body.

The sapphire ring

illuminated them with its silver blue light.

and was taken to infinity.

The Great Spirit

recognized the soul of Eftha

from her rare lighting.

He ordered her to shine.

on the firmament

fulfilment of her desire

and his Love.


April 12th, 2000


Editing in English by Andreas Markides

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