The mask and the vaccine

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 18/04/2021

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It has been a while since we have talked. I cannot say, my reign in this world has been established! Everybody wears a mask! Young, old, and even children. In shops, streets, schools and even homes! Thousands of models, all colours, all shapes, there are models for the poor, for the rich, there are models with rhinestones, even with gemstones, models that match the clothes of the ladies and everything you can imagine.

That is the kind of projection I have never expected! But I am not let to enjoy it! The antiseptic told me: the vaccine that will kill the King has been found. And not just one, a lot of vaccines. They have different names and compete which is best.

That is what worried me most. I do not know what to do. I would very much like to support the King’s predominance in the world, so that my own establishment can be extended, but how can I do that?

My anxiety and worry were not enough, a few days ago my lady put me on and went to a vaccination centre to receive the first dose of the vaccine. I could not breathe in my agony!

When we got there, as my lady was waiting her turn, I started chatting with the other masks. Some of them were more up to date than I was. They told me not to worry. For now, there would be a lot of time before people throw away the masks. First, they will all have to be vaccinated. Many billions of them. Secondly, the King did not stand idly by. He is constantly mutating and tricking the vaccine. Thirdly, there is a group of people who refuse to receive the vaccine. They are called naysayers – God bless them! All this will delay or even thwart people’s campaign to defeat the King. I breathed!

Then we went in for my lady to get the vaccine. I could not take it. I saw the vaccine in the syringe, and until my lady answered some questions and rolled her sleeve up, I attacked him:

—Aren’t you ashamed, I told him? You’re attacking the King, and you’re trying to kill him! If nothing else, respect his status!
—Me, a product of science, to respect the King! Where do you live, girl? Kings and princes have been declining for a long time. Even in England, the institution has been frayed. The princes marry mortals and leave the palace. I am the child of the future of this planet. Science. And science will defeat your King. Accept it!

I almost fainted. Listen to the audacity! Luckily, they channelled him into my lady’s arm, and he fell silent.

My lady is still wearing me. And after the vaccination, thank God. I do not know what the future holds for me, but I have made my decision: I am going to enjoy with all my strength what I am living now. After all, people are so unstable and competitive with each other that they may not be able to kill the King. I never lose hope. Long live the King with the crown!




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