The mask 4 (the mask and the lipstick)

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 27/12/2020

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Good morning, my friends! The other day, my lady put me in her handbag after a long time. I was so pleased. Finally, I said, a chance to exit the house, to take a stroll. But I had never imagined which one I would meet there! A sworn enemy of mine: the lipstick.

As soon as he saw me, he attacked me.

—What are you doing here? He yelled at me.

I was surprised.

— How dare you talk to me like that! I told him.

—You, he answered, it is you who came and deported me! Me, the lipstick, who from the ancient times adorned women’s lips and gave them beauty! All women used me in the game of flirting and love. I have never been out of the spotlight. And you came and covered the women’s lips, stole their smile, wiped out their beauty!

—My role is important, I replied. I protect people from the king. I do not let him get inside them, through their mouths and noses, make them sick and even worse, kill them! You have no right to be mad at me. You are wronging me! Not to mention that when my lady paints her lips and then wears me, you smear me with your colour! Disgusting!

We almost got caught within each other’s hands. It is a good thing, though, we do not have hands! I would have killed him, the bold creature! First time in my life I gained such a significant position, and he talks to me like that! All these years, he is the one who has been starring in. It is no big deal if he loses his primaries for a while. I am so sorry; I am so sorry! Now it is my turn to star!

Between you and me, it is not just the lipstick that is complaining. I also heard my lady complaining that she cannot wear make-up any more, that her face is hidden and does not make the impression she used to make, and similar things. I close my ears to all this! Furthermore, I do not care; I do not care! Now we live in my era. The king with the crown reigns, and I am his most important follower. Whether they like it or not, I am going to star!




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