The Light

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 19/02/2023

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I see

far away a light.

A golden glow.


It’s You.


You talk to me about love.

Where is love?

Love was hidden by the human ego.


You talk to me about people.

There is no kindness, only envy.


You, greet me, Peace be with you!

And yet, there is war.

War with weapons and without.

Destruction, despair all around.


You urge me. Listen to your heart.

Be human. Throw away the evil from yourself.

Do not bend.  Follow your heart.

Offer your love.


Because always,

after the pain, the catharsis

after the untruth, the truth

after the darkness, the light

after the cross, the resurrection.


I see

the light of hope,

the light of unconditional love and I move on



Maria Leventi Klerides

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