The curtain

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 05/02/2023

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You reached out and ruffled the curtain.

Behind the void you saw the secrets of the world moving like shadows.

Silently, furtively, gliding like a water lily into the lake,

away from your invisible gaze, in the secret world of silence.

The curtain fluttered for a moment.

And then you saw the dreams unfold through wet, moist eyes.

The power of creation!

You noticed a drop of water hanging from a leaf of a tree.

It mirrored the whole world.

You touched the curtain again, opened the window wide.

Light broke in

illuminating your own dreams and your own secrets.

A river of photons filled the room.

You stretched out your hand to touch them

but they escaped you, elusively, inconceivably.

You chased them like when you were a child

when they poured into your bed from the open window;

you were raising your hands as if on a call, but they danced and perished.

With a decisive move, you closed the window, pulled the curtain.

Darkness everywhere.

Only you and yourself.

The self.

Which in a pure moment

may shine brighter than sunlight!

You are not alone!



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