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Published on: 13/06/2021

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You were born in the spring.
A sign that your life has the power of creation,
the fruits of creation, however, you will taste in the summer,
in autumn, the expectation of rebirth will fill you
and in winter you enjoy tranquillity and the certainty
that spring will come again….
Life is a perpetual cycle.

(Excerpt from my post Wishes for Artemis, category Texts, date 9/9/2020)

The fruits of creation, however, you will taste in the summer,

When I was young, I enjoyed summer like nothing else. The trips to the sea, the cool evenings in Nicosia chatting with friends, the dreams that fluttered around us – even if the times were difficult, with our country torn apart and thousands of refugees staying in tents. The radiant beauty of youth accompanied us on every step, although we were not aware of our power.

But now, that we are experiencing the summer of our lives, we can taste the fruits of creation and come back to recall about the moments that had quality and value. And these moments are too many for all of us. There were, of course, moments of deep pain, but let us look at them as the sourdough that first soured and then swelled to make us become who we are today.

It is therefore summer, a time of pleasure and enjoyment of the goods of life. We were born on an island, and we can enjoy the sea, we can smell the pine tree in the mountains, we can sit with friends on cool evenings and talk about a thousand things. It is not our only choice to sit in front of the TV, sweating and complaining about the heat!

I cannot bear the temptation not to tell you a summer story, when there was no TV in our homes, and we used to gather, family and friends, in the courtyards and terraces to spend the night pleasantly. I was a young child at the time, but I remember those nights.

We were playing a game called “Perlina: Perlina was called someone sitting in the middle of the circle and the rest were around. A member of the group was the gossip, and she was turning over everyone else, from whom she was secretly taking a characterization of Perlina. Then she would go up to her and say:

—Mrs. Perlina, I was passing by your neighbourhood, and they were talking about you. Others said good things, others said bad. Do you want me to tell you?

Perlina, of course, agreed, and the gossip started:

—One said you are fussy, another said you are smart, another said you have a crooked nose and so on.

Perlina was trying to figure out who said each feature, and when she succeeded that person was becoming the new Perlina, and the previous Perlina was becoming the gossip. So, everyone was recycled in all positions.

Innocent and painless games, no sexual innuendo and deceit. It had its useful side also: You knew what other people thought of you, and if you were smart, you were trying to fix it.

Have a nice summer, then! Let us enjoy the sea. Let us enjoy the mountains, let us enjoy hanging out with friends, let us smell the night air and evaluate our lives now, when we taste the fruits of whatever creation we managed to produce in the spring of our youth…


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  1. mojodigital says:

    Sea, sun, friends – the most important things indeed 😀

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