Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 02/03/2021

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Spring: The ancient Greeks called it “έαρ”, today we call it «άνοιξη», (opening).

As the soil opens and the seed that sleeps in its arms pops up to face the sunlight, nature opens, our world opens.

A perpetual cycle that sustains the beauty of nature and the rebirth of our soul.

A circle that with wondrous simplicity explains the mystery of birth and death, through the dazzling beauty of youth, the completeness and the full taste of maturation and the meaningful decay, when the cycle of life is completed, which leads again to rebirth.

The bugs fly in clusters, the butterflies dance with grace, flying from one flower to another, touching the petals imperceptibly, playing erotically within smells and colours.

It is spring and the swallows sword the sky with their flying, twittering looking for food for their little ones, in a happy beginning, of a time that has arrived and of the season that will go away…

And what does spring do to our hearts? Occasionally opens them up with its dazzling beauty and sometimes scares them with the lost expectations of our own dreams, which seem to have died before they could bloom.

I invite you today to greet spring, to pronounce and to hear the sweetness of the sound “έαρ”, (sounds like air) and to smile at the rebirth of life, that with every brilliance comes again this year, in our homes and in our hearts.

So, let us have a good spring! All of us!


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