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Published on: 13/09/2020

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I have existed.

My name was Semele.

I was a human being.

I was a woman.

To be a human being is a great mystery.

To be a woman is twice a great mystery.

I was a daughter.

My hands were made of alabaster

My hair was like gold.

When I laughed, the plains were ringing

and the birds were singing.

I was joy,

I was hope.

I was expecting ALL.

Zeus craved me.

He was ALL-powerful

and ALmighty.

I was a virgin daughter

and he was a God.

He married me as a mortal man

and deposited the divine seed

into my womb.

I, Semele, the daughter of the Man

would give birth to the son of God.

Olympus was shaken from its foundations

by the news.

Hera screamed

and made plans to deceive

me the naive

and made me disappear

along with God’s sperm.

Oh Hera, how miserably you were fooled

when you thought you had deceived me,

when you managed to convince me to ask to watch

Zeus’s greatness!

You did not drag me to death

and I was not burnt in the fire of Zeus

by fallacy.

I chose, Hera, to see ALL

and taste the PRESENT, THE PAST, and the FUTURE.

My body, Hera, was burnt

but my soul…

What I had witnessed

What my soul had known

No woman

had ever experienced.

I had stared at the sun directly

during noon time and I was burnt

in a universal fire

tasting the ultimate pleasure

of existence.

And my child…

My child lived, Hera.

And he became a God.

The God who gave joy

and the divine laughter to Man.

I have existed.

My name was Semele.

I was a human being.

I was a woman.

I also exist now.

I am not a human being.

I am not a woman.

I am fulfilment.

I was not misled by Hera.

I am wondering in the universe and in eternity,

blissful and immortal.

I stare the ALL

I am ALL.

Let the fire of knowledge be blessed!


If you want to read the relevant myth, follow the link below:

Semele the myth

April 2nd, 2001





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    ALL good

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