One love, one prayer

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 25/10/2020

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I stand motionless in the vast universe.

Around me, incredibly beautiful patterns of harmony and precision are turning.

And suddenly a burst of light fills the infinite with sounds, colours, and energy.

The creation!

In the icy texture of snow

that can be wet

or can be solid as a rock

the expectation of love is born.

-Love bears forgiveness

and forgiveness serenity –

Of the nebulas that colour the universe

-sometimes transparent and sometimes dark –

life is created through collisions, battle, and war.

If my thought would become a prayer

I would like it to be the prayer of love,

the sweetness that brings forgiveness

and the repose that offers serenity.

If the harmony of the universe

and the explosion of creation are going to be in my life

Let them act out of love…

For every thorn that hurts me,

let forgiveness become a balsam.

For every criticism arising in my heart,

let tolerance endorse.

And for each one of my dreams that was crushed,

let another dream be born.

“The image accompanying the poem is a work by Artemis Andreou and was specifically crafted for this poem.”

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