The golden light of autumn

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 23/10/2023

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The golden light of autumn enters through the window, sweetly caressing the curtains, illuminating the room, and you remember that the sun is tender when the summer heat subsides. In a country like ours, with a long, scorching summer where everyone seeks refuge from the heat, autumn seems so sweet and pleasant.

You sit in an armchair, pick up a book, and the sunbeams start to dance on your clothes and your fingers. You delight in this game. You remember your childhood when, lying in bed in the morning, you used to watch the sunbeams enter through the window, and you would reach out your hands to catch the particles swimming in the light. They were flying away, and you were always trying. You had never succeeded in catching them, and you still search for them.

I’ve always had the feeling that the year begins with autumn, that’s when everything changes. Schools would open, and you would make new dreams each time, make new resolutions, which you almost never kept, but that was the time to make them. The sowing season would begin, and everyone looked forward to a new, more productive, and optimistic year.

The golden autumn, with its first rains, the earth getting soaked, and the seeds awakening from the embrace of the earth, raising their heads to greet the light. The explosion may happen in spring, but rebirth begins in autumn, before winter comes, and everything sleeps.

Now, it’s time to plant bulbs and vegetables in our gardens, which will give us fresh salads in the winter and spring. Yes, for me, the year begins now!

You can enjoy autumn, intertwine your fingers, and see the light through the cracks, reaching out like a child to catch the sunbeams that enter through the window. You might succeed, and then the golden autumn will accompany you all year long and perhaps throughout your life.

Let’s have a happy autumn!


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  1. andreas markides says:

    the best season of the year!

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