Life quality and creative work

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 16/09/2020

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My dear friends

Along with my wishes for a good day, I would like to share with you some thoughts about life quality and creative work.

My love always goes to the young people who have the passion today and should never lose it tomorrow. Because if they lose it, they will grow old… This old age: when you do not have passion, when you do not have vision… So, I speak to young people and urge them to raise their eyes from the pain that may exist in their souls, from the grievance, from the injustice they may feel and to look at the horizon. To look at the horizon of the sky, to look at the horizon of their soul, to look at the horizon that includes those around them, not just themselves. The pain in our lives exists only in the hard shell of our own selves. When we turn our attention to those around us, the pain softens and becomes understanding. It is not power to judge and criticize. The power is to for – give.

So, raise your eyes to the horizon, fill your soul with oxygen, recognize the environment you are in, and measure the possibilities offered to you. Wherever you are, the power of creation regenerates and is regenerated. Try it! See your work as a unique opportunity to create and believe me, there is no fuller joy than the joy of creation. Each of us, everywhere, can put a little stone to make their life and society better and happier. And if no one ever recognizes it yet, you will know that through your work you have not only earned your living, but you have helped to develop yourself and the surrounding people. When years of work pass, you will then know that your life has not been wasted and that your efforts had an impact. Because the value of life lies not in the high positions and the great income, but in the creations we leave behind. A well-baked bread is incomparably more valuable in our lives than an all-gold pot. The first ensures our survival, and the second simply nourishes our vanity. Remember the story of King Midas…

By all this, I do not mean, not to be assertive! Be assertive because you deserve it! Each of you is precious, you are important, you are remarkable. It is not selfish to think you are great. Selfishness is to think that others are not great. We are all important in this life. All! But if you feel at some point that you have been wronged, do not make injustice a pannier in your life. Put the injustice behind you and move on. A thousand joys await you. Do not get trapped in the narrow cell of self-pity and withering. Look at the horizon in front of you and move on. Do not do anyone a favour to defeat you because they have wronged you. You will win if you despise injustice.

My dear friends, let me share with you something else: do not build a wall around yourself and constantly refuse to try new things, to gain new experiences. When they ask you to do something, do not get caught up in the cliché: “I don’t know, it’s not my duty.” In this way you will never learn anything, you will never gain new knowledge and experience. And that is poverty. And it leads to misery and old age. Never deny the joy of knowledge!

As a final tip, I urge you to be genuine. Genuine means not surrendering to oblivion and forgetting what your true nature is. Do not succumb to pressure, wherever it comes from. You should always say your opinion. Say it with frankness and respect, and always serve the truth. Because the real nature of man, is to remain human throughout their lives and not to degenerate. It is of great importance when your body loses its firmness, your spirit to remain strong and healthy and not to be infected by the virus of self-interest and selfishness.

I am sending you a “good morning” once again and wish this message to bring euphoria to your soul!

With love




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