Let there be light!

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 31/01/2021

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Dedicated to Marios who passed away today. Have a good journey in the light!


It is dark everywhere.
I am palpating my route with my fingertips.
and I carve my way with the power of the soul.

Fear everywhere.
Sounds in the background.
Drowned screams and anguish
of unknown existences.

The mystery of the night,
the dawn that does not come,
the nightmares that overwhelm the mind.

I have got to get together!
Where is my power?
I am clenching my fingers.
I raise my head.

Nightmares are shattered like paper towers.
In the dark, I start to see shadows.
And I know dawn is coming.

The world around me
extends into a starry universe,
and a voice can be heard vibrating
to infinity:
Let there be light!

I am palpating my soul,
I look at my fear,
and I embrace the mystery:
And there was light!




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