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Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 01/11/2023

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Alitheia Newspaper, December 19, 1890

Russian newspapers report a very curious event that occurred in Kiev. Our Lord Jesus Christ was arrested and sentenced to six months in prison!

Here is the explanation of this mysterious news: some time ago, a new prophet appeared in Kiev, claiming to be Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who had come to Earth to save the world. The success of his venture was great among the locals, and he already had several followers. He performed miracles, such as swallowing knives, producing coins from a Russian peasant’s nose, and other equally astonishing feats.

However, because this supposed Jesus Christ didn’t have a passport or other valid documents, he was arrested by the authorities. His name is still unknown because he insists that he is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This didn’t prevent the Kiev court from sentencing him to prison, as the document of the verdict states that even this Jesus Christ has no right to move freely within Russia without a proper passport from the imperial Russian government.

This historical news from that time could be slightly relevant to our era. People tend to believe in various kinds of charlatans and rare occurrences rather than being persuaded by individuals who speak with logic and strong arguments. Perhaps it’s because the supernatural and the improbable are emotionally more appealing. Perhaps it’s because we expect miracles that will change our lives.

Today, at least in our region, a different type of deception prevails: the “doctor” who exploits the trust of the elderly and demands money to save their relatives from a supposed dangerous accident. We often hear news about an elderly person falling into the trap of a fake “doctor” and giving away everything they have to save their child in need of urgent surgery. Such news is widely known, and I wonder why it doesn’t reach the ears of the elderly, who keep falling into these traps. Maybe the younger generation doesn’t take the time to inform them, or perhaps the elderly forget. One thing is certain: they give everything they have for their children.

Back in the time of the events in Kiev, there was an excuse that people were uneducated and easily influenced by charlatans and frauds. Today, in the 21st century Europe, where almost everyone can read and write, where everyone listens to the radio and watches television, why are we still swayed? Why don’t we exercise judgment? I believe it’s a social phenomenon that should be studied by scientists. Many problems could be avoided if people had more discernment and critical thinking. Our society could make great strides, and perhaps even reduce conflicts and wars.

When I read the Russian news from 1890, I couldn’t help but think about the possibility that it might be referring to Rasputin. The timelines match. Rasputin was born in 1869 and was assassinated in 1916. He dressed in robes, roamed the Russian countryside, and performed “miracles.” However, according to Wikipedia, Rasputin was in his Siberian village in 1889, where he got married and had three children. So, he couldn’t have been in Kiev in 1890. Nevertheless, this scandalous person of Russian history doesn’t seem to match the character in the above article.

I wouldn’t like to conclude my message today with a focus on this negative aspect of our society. Therefore, for a more pleasant ending, I will inform you about how our ancestors preserved tomatoes for a long time, back when refrigerators didn’t exist. According to ” Alitheia” newspaper on October 24, 1890:

Tomatoes are preserved as follows:

In a wide-mouthed bottle, tomatoes are placed in a row, after they have been carefully washed and dried. A liquid is poured over them, consisting of eight parts water, one part vinegar, and one part table salt. The whole is covered with a layer of oil about one centimeter thick, and the bottle is sealed tightly. Tomatoes can be preserved this way for several months.

A useful piece of information because you never know what life has in store for us…


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