I am the Phoenix

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 20/12/2020

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I tore the fabric of space-time and descended to planet earth.
I shone on the firmament, and my golden wings illuminated the darkness.
With my song I vibrated the creation and my myrrh fragranced the universe.
I am the Phoenix.
My father is the sun, and my mother is hope.
I come through the depths of time and chaos.

I am the Phoenix.
At the time of innocence, people knew me.
Human races do not see me any more.
Darkness fog fills their souls.
The cry of their anguish reached the heavens.
Their pain awakened the gods from their blessedness.
They sent me, as an angel, to give the message:
Once again, I am going to be burnt and my body is going to turn to ashes.
Once again, through the ashes, birth will take place.
Through birth
hope will come to life.
Hope will bring the resurrection!

I am the Phoenix.
The races of humans have forgotten me.
I got lost in the oblivion of time
and my song is not heard in heaven any more.
But I exist.
Every moment I exist.
And I always regenerate.
Where there is a nest,
the myrrh and my song.
I am reborn every day –
if you wish to.
In your hearts!


rsz_cosmosmaria (002).png


rsz_cosmosmaria (002).png


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