Happy Summer

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 11/07/2023

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The carefree summer has arrived. The heat forces us to shut ourselves up in air-conditioned spaces, dive into the sea or enjoy the coolness of the forest. One way or another we relax and if we don’t have the relaxation we expect, we may feel unfortune. This is how we learned this season to be for us: holidays, pleasant company, and carefreeness.

The above ideal may not fit our case, but it doesn’t matter. This is the prevailing climate. Let’s get carried away!

This summer I will leave you without my Sunday message for a while with the secret thought that you may miss it and look forward to it more anxiously in Autumn. Still, don’t stop looking. I might feel the need to contact you, because no matter what I say, I’ll miss you too!

To keep you company on the beach or in the mountains I supply you with the link of the two novels that you may have read or perhaps you were not able to fallow as you would have liked. A second reading will not only bring you into contact with the content of the story but also with many details and historical information, which you may not have been able to notice the first time. The first bite is always exploratory. It is the second that determines the quality of the taste. Just click on the links below to try:

Zenovia’s secret



Those of you who have children or grandchildren or are children yourself could enjoy one of the tales of https://cosmosblog.io  by following the link below and selecting any of the tales you wish. You can spend time with them in a pleasant and educational way.

Fairy tales and stories category


So happy summer from me with love and happy reunion in autumn and don’t forget:

you taste the fruits of their creation in the summer,

but the expectation of rebirth fills you in autumn.”

(from the text Wishes for Artemis ).


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