Exploitation of human resources

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 21/09/2020

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My dear friends

Today I address you, who direct an organization or a company, and give you my following thoughts, concerning the exploitation of human resources, in the best possible way.

Perhaps the most decisive word is the word justice. In my view, in the working environment, justice means above all, to be impartial. And to be impartial means not taking anyone’s side, even when they are the dearest, the best, and even if, the opposites are the worst, the bad employees. And the bad employees might be right or might have all the right. Can you do that? If you can, you are fair.

Then there is the role. The role you play in your job’s position. The role of the leader. It is important to recognize that your job’s positions are roles and not a human quality, which differentiates you from other employees. Human existence is the same for everyone. The roles, you are acting, are different. If you manage to do that, you will earn respect from your employees, because they will feel that they have your respect as well. Then and only then will you be a leader.

And if all the above may seem like philosophical concepts, there is something that can place everything in place and, as if in a puzzle, to complete the composition of a successful administration. It is the concept of participation, teamwork, and love for the object. It is important that leaders implant this love and teamwork into their subordinates. Likewise, it is important that the worker who waters the gardens, the traffic warden who is cursed every day because he performs his duty or the messenger who serves everyone, feel the respect and appreciation of their superiors and also get a well done and a “Thank You”. It is especially important to recognize everyone’s contribution and to honour them. People are not expendable! They are human entities, and as human entities they have much more to offer than machines.

I leave for the end, what in my opinion warms the heart and as a unifying substance embraces all the components of an organization, bringing them together on a creative path: trust. This word can be a foundation on the altar of success. Trust from supervisors to subordinates shows courage, shows confidence, shows respect. It leaves behind prejudices and opens space for inspiration. It does not matter if a mistake is made, mistakes are made every day. The insecurity that prevents many from showing confidence, reduces self-confidence in subordinates, annihilates their interest and acts as an inhibitor in exploring solutions. It is therefore trusting, a word with magical properties, which needs courage to be adopted, but leaves miraculous results when activated.

I experienced the above for many years from the position of employee, and the few bright examples that implemented them had impressive results!

I hope you will see these thoughts with an open mind and give space to reflection and experiment.



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