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Published on: 25/07/2021

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The ancient Egyptians believed that the soul of beings consists of five elements, which are necessary for the humans to exist after death. One of them is the name of every person. If you do not have a name, you get lost in a non-existence area. For this reason, the name of the person must always be indicated at the burial site.

Recently, I was looking inside a wooden box of old photos. We have had this box in our house since I was a child, and it was always filled with photos of acquaintances and strangers. People who existed before me and perished years ago. For a lot of them, I do not even know their name. But on the smile of their faces – especially in the wedding photos – this statement is reflected: I have been, I have existed in this world, do not forget me!

Thus, the name of these people is imprinted in their form, and stays in a wooden box, in a house that respected their existence and with affection preserves their memory.

On our planet, rock paintings (paintings on cave walls made by the first humans), at least 40,000 years old, have been discovered in many parts of the world. What did these first people, that their main concern was to secure their food, want to say? Why did they go to all this trouble to paint, on the walls of the caves they inhabited, hunting scenes and other features of their lives? Perhaps because the artistic nature of man had awakened in their consciousness, perhaps – and this is my view – because they wanted to declare their existence and identity.

Since man discovered consciousness within himself and distinguished himself from the other life forms beside him, he wanted to declare his identity. Identity is the name, it is the form, it is the quality that each of us emits.

So, it is a primordial need to declare our presence in this world and we do it in any way that anyone can, depending on the society and the time that one lives.

I raise this issue out of respect for every human being, their existence, and their course on planet earth. Many existential problems often torment us: who are we, where do we come from, where do we go after death, etc. There are many answers, others come from religion, others from philosophy.

Every person can choose the one that suits them, or even search more. I could not give advice on the subject. I would just like to say: let us start by being aware of our presence on the earth and the role we can play in our family and environment.

Once we consciously realize that we exist and this existence is not accidental, but essential, new horizons will open before us. If we look closely, we will see our role and objectives.

Many times, our lives are mechanical, with repetitive actions and occupations. Maybe we cannot change that, maybe we do not have to change it. But if we see all this through the prism of our existence in this world, we will be able to understand why we exist.

It is not insignificant that we exist! In the universe we live in, there are billions of galaxies and trillions of planets. Scientists speculate that some of them may have life, and even fewer, may have intelligent beings like us.

We are a rare species in this vast world we live in! If we realize our uniqueness, we may appreciate our existence more and struggle to enjoy our presence on this earth.

No matter how many pains we have been through, no matter how much despair we have experienced in our lives, we have the blessing to exist, and we have the blessing to know that we exist. It is as if, in the so many trillion planets that there are and countless spirits that may be hovering in the universe, in us came the clergy to live, having the gift of intelligence. Why? I do not know. But our existence on this planet is a rare privilege.

I dedicate these thoughts to you, who have the courtesy to read what I write, and I invite you to reflect on the importance of your existence. Whatever comes up, I hope will be a positive contribution to your days and a meaning for your life. Whatever goods we have or do not have, each of us, is not enough to give us happiness. We must constantly, every minute, search within ourselves and determine the quality of our existence. This rare gift, which is ours!


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