Retirement: A new beginning!

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Δημοσιεύτηκε στις: 13/04/2023

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Coming out of combat duty in the workplace many of us find ourselves – as we think at first – in an empty space of inactivity. But is it so? It certainly isn’t. It is simply a place with new perspectives and countless opportunities.

First, we need to look at where we are in terms of physical and mental health. Where we need to look after ourselves in these areas, we should do so. But no doctor can give us the mental strength and desire we need to make the most of the precious time we have left. Perhaps by now we have realised that somewhere on the horizon there must be an end. That is why our lives from now on should be meaningful and qualitative.

Our choices from now on should aim to ensure energy and euphoria. No more associating with toxic people, no more watching media broadcasts that create negative emotions and depressive concerns. Our time is precious and must be treated like a treasure.

Then there are the visits to the rooms of our minds. We can easily get trapped in a space that brings us in contact with past situations that cause us pain and self-pity. That have passed. What matters now is the precious present and how to use it.

But it is also a tendency of the mind to escape and sink into a void that resembles sleep and is like the earth pulling us into its arms. There should be a lot of resistance here. This is old age. Never, never should we leave ourselves in this situation. We should react immediately and return to the alertness of our body and spirit.

How do we react? There are many ways, and everyone should choose the one that suits their temperament and capabilities.

There is the path of entertainment. Now is the opportunity to travel, to see places we could not see because we did not have the time. Now we can participate in cultural activities that we have always liked but did not have time for.

There is the path of charity. Many of us choose to become members of groups that give back to society and sufferers. The joy of giving is always great, fills the soul with euphoria and helps the community move forward. Participation in organized groups gives strength and purpose to the individual.

There is the path of physical exercise. Whether this is joining a gym, going for walks in nature, or engaging in manual tasks such as gardening or other household activities. Whatever our choices, physical exercise is necessary because it keeps the body healthy and at the same time awakens the spirit from the state of hypnosis.

There is the way of work. Many of us, who were lucky enough to practice a profession during their lives that fulfilled them, decide to continue it after the age of retirement. This is a safe way to stay alert and active, but the question inevitably arises: Is it not worth trying something new? It is probably our last chance.

There is the path of educating. Many of us did not have the opportunity to attend during our youth the studies we would have liked, and this left us with an unsatisfied void. They now have the time and the means to do so. We live in the digital age, and everyone can participate in lectures and training programs on any topic that interests them from their home. And this does not require a high financial cost, so that it is a deterrent.

And I come to what for me is the most important, what fills our soul the most and in my opinion corresponds better to the possibilities of our human existence: The path of creativity.

Creativity is the distinguishing feature of humans from animals. It is the force that turns the wheels of civilization and sends people into space. Now is the time to discover it and practice it. Now is the time to take out of the drawer our childhood and youth dreams that have gathered dust, because life forced us then to make a living. Now we can.

The possibilities are limitless. An old wise man once said: if you can write a book in your life, do it. If you can paint a painting, do it. If you can build a piece of furniture, do it. If you cannot do any of these things, plant a tree. By leaving this life, you will leave your mark and the proof that you have passed through here.

What you are reading now, this blog is my attempt to leave a mark on this world I found myself. It is my own attempt to offer back to life the possibility that I was given to exist.

Once, when I was a child myself and did not know that dreams are not easy to realize, I would immerse myself with pleasure in the magical world of my mind and bring to the surface stories and fairy tales that I shared with everyone around me. This limitless world of fantasy began when I was four years old and fell silent when life demanded that I should pursue an income to survive. I did not know it was possible to come back.

Yet! When there was time, the unquenchable desire of the soul rose to the surface and the connection with that magical world was gradually restored, giving me the precious joy of creation.

So, I urge you to search the dusty corners of your mind for your childhood dreams and give them a chance to come true. They will fill you with joy and if the mirror shows wrinkles on the face, the eyes will shine because they will reflect the beauty of eternal youth.


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