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Published on: 11/03/2024

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I leaned over the land of Egypt.

I saw the wind swirling the sand.

Its grains fell softly and mingled with the boundless desert.

Only the pyramids stood proudly, indifferent through the ages.

Each grain, a person, each person an anonymity.

I touched the sand with my hands and knew that within it were the souls that built a civilization, yet no one remembers them anymore…


I lifted my head and looked again.

I saw majestic monuments, heard the names of gods and Pharaohs:

Isis, Osiris, Horus – the virgin-born god –, Anubis,

Ramses, Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut.

Forms, statues, murals adorned their death and heralded their eternal life.

Names, sealed in cartouche*, echoed everywhere, swirled among the monuments, reverberated in the stones, claiming immortality.


And among them, a king.

A Greek.

Alexander was his name.

He kneeled before the god Ammon, in the oasis of Siwa,

and became one of the gods.

He mingled with the Pharaohs

and forever marked with his generation

the land of Egypt.


I listened to the sounds.

My heart was sweetened by the babbling of water.

The Nile.

A life-giving god, a path, a journey, an immortality.

As long as the Nile flows, the anonymity of the sand will not matter.

As long as the Nile flows, the monuments will rise, the gods and the Pharaohs

will shout their names

and boast through the millennia.

As long as the Nile flows,

flamingos and crocodiles will bask on its banks

and the anonymous multitude will feed from its mud.

As long as the Nile flows, travelers will seek a piece of their soul, where in ancient times people wove the civilization of mankind.


Night falls.

Full moon.

The moon, a red sphere, rises from the east.

The sun spreads its rosy color, descending in the west.

Egypt, desert, sand, temples, gods, Pharaohs, unheard-of names.

And the Nile, boundless, endless, eternally tracing the civilization of mankind through the ages.

Where the Nile flows, where the sounds are liquid and the scents watery, there Egypt begins and there it ends.

On the banks of the great river.


*Cartouch: Way of writing the names of the Pharaohs in hieroglyphics, within a closed outer casing.

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