Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 23/11/2020

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Have you ever held a brush to paint a surface? It does not matter if you have not. I am telling you; this is an act of creativity. As the brush passes over the surface and covers the decay or ugliness, you suddenly see something new being born and claiming a place in the beauty of the world.

That is how every act, in our lives, works. If it is done with the conscience that through this act, we can create something that did not exist before, to fulfil a need, to cover an ugliness or create a beauty, even offer the family or those around us something they need, then we create.

You know, creation and creativity are the greatest property that sets us apart from animals. It is not love. Animals love also. But only us, can create. And every act of our daily lives can be creative. And the more creative our daily lives are, the happier we are! We usually spend our lives feeling that our obligations are boring chores, we usually feel tired – physically and spiritually –and we would like someone else to do for us what we are obliged to do.

But if we are aware that our actions can be full of creativity, believe me, the result will be quite different! Whatever we do in our daily lives will have value and will be fulfilling. We will not be empty and tired. I have experienced many times the creativity offered by cooking, the care of the garden, the cleanliness of the house, the transformation of a dull job in the office into an interesting one. Of course, I have also experienced the opposite attitude which brings fatigue, frustration, and monotony. And to write those words, I had to turn those feelings of attrition into a creative inspiration. And this “click” gives you so much fulfilment!

I know you know everything I am describing; it is nothing new to you. But I would like, this bright  day, to remind you that wherever you are, whatever you do is a blessing that you are human and have this ability as a dowry in your existence.

Make the most of it!




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