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Published on: 24/01/2021

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Word had reached her
that Agamemnon’s ship had anchored
in the city’s port.

She had been expecting this
for close to ten years;
she had even been looking forward to it.
Still, a cold shiver went down her spine at the news.

But soon, she had again composed herself.
She strode through the palace
to the rear quarters,
where the baths were.

Once there,
she was immediately
in complete command.

She fussed with the slaves
to keep the fires burning.
She meticulously presided
over the preparations of the courtesans –
their hair, the perfumes and clothes they chose.
She ordered that aromatic bath salts (lavender and pine)
be mixed generously in the hot water
and she checked that his clean clothes and shiny armour
were neatly placed by the side of his bath.

But, more than anything
she ensured that,
well hidden under the warm, scented towels,
lay the long knife.

Andreas Markides

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