I close my eyes

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 26/02/2023

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I close my eyes

facing the sun.

Under the eyelids the rose color of hope.

I close my eyes

and I hear the sounds of life.

The honking of a car

a mother calling

the workers next door, who are joking.

I close my eyes and I smell

the food being cooked,

the rose that has grown old and is wilting.

I close my eyes

and I feel the breeze caressing my face.

I close my eyes

and I sink deeply, gently, where the hum of life

is silent.

Where the five senses no longer matter.

I’m looking for that point, the unmovable, the stable

on which the anxieties of life

and the insecurities of existence can be balanced.

I close my eyes

and I see the light,

bright light hovering behind the eyelids.

A sign that the world does not end here…


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