Capital “mistakes”: Creative investment

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 10/01/2021

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Oops! I was wrong!

And we are often filled with guilt and disparaging feelings for ourselves or others, if they are the ones who made the mistake.

So, what are mistakes? They are facts, they are acts and actions that are done outside the prescribed limits, outside our defined parameters and aspirations and often have negative consequences, which can be overcome in an easy or difficult way.

Despite this, it is said that many important discoveries have been made by mistake. By mistake, our ancient ancestors may have learned that roasted meat is more digestible and delicious than raw meat. Many contemporary articles state that the discovery of penicillin, the Big Bang Theory and many others have been made by mistake.

Since we were young, we have learnt that we should never make mistakes, that we should always be right, to be good and accepted children. And that perception is after us in our lives, and many of us carry a lot of guilt when we make a mistake.

This text is intended to remind to all of us, that it is a chance through our mistakes to learn something new. I will set you a quite simple and everyday example. Once I was brought a cake, which was made at home, and the lady forgot to put sugar in it. When she realized it, she called me, to say, “Throw it away.” I did not throw it away. I made syrup and I contained it. The cake became delicious and moist. We ate all of it.

It is worthwhile, to start looking, in our daily lives, at our mistakes as opportunities to discover something new, as challenges thinking of a solution to overcome the problem. There are always new things to learn. As for other people’s mistakes? Let us look at them with understanding and give them ideas on how to overcome them. In the perpetual cycle of times, everything passes, and nothing seems as important tomorrow as it seems today.

So, let us look at our mistakes as challenges, as a creative chapter in our lives. We need to get rid of the guilt and think positively. On the other hand, we must not treat our mistakes as events that did not happen. In this way, we will never capitalize on them, and we leave behind negative energy and shivers.

Within the capital “mistakes” two are the cases to go bankrupt:

  • Not care at all about our mistakes, nor about their impact on other people (which is the bankruptcy of analgesia).
  • To fill guilt and suffer (which is the bankruptcy of self-pity).

In both cases, we do not use the capital we have, and we do not invest in the creativity that characterizes our human nature.

Let us be brave, let us be creative, let us have humour!

Write me your views on the subject. It is worth it; all be partakers in this debate.



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