A message for the upgrade of Cosmosblog.io

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 15/08/2021

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Dear friends

Good morning to you! It has been almost a year that every Sunday morning we communicate and share thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Despite the difficulties that have existed at times, it remained a stable web that fuelled the existence of the website https://cosmosblog.io, and thank you very much for that.

In collaboration with Jacob Papageorgiou of the company https://mojodigital.io  we felt that an upgrade of the blog would give it new life and at the same time correct some mistakes that existed in the old one.

So today we present the new blog, fresh, and shiny. I hope you like the new format and find it functional and friendly.

There is a clear distinction between posts in Greek and English, so it is easier to read the texts you choose. When the titles of the categories are in Greek, all the posts they include are in Greek. Similarly, when the titles of the categories are in English, all posts are in English. At the same time, at the bottom of the page, on the left side there is an icon that allows you to select the language of the instructions, by selecting Greek or English.  Accordingly, you will see the instructions: ” Πίσω στο ιστολόγιο ” or “Back to blog”, as well as others.

Each category shows all posts published up to date. At the end of each group of posts, of the same category, there is an icon that when you press it leads you to the next page, where there are other posts.

So, I invite you, my friends, to explore the blog today and read old posts that you liked or did not have the opportunity to read at all. It is very easy to re-register to write your comments. Simply write your name and email at the end of the post where it says: : “Αφήστε μία απάντηση ” or “Leave a reply”,  and tap the icon to save it. Then you will always be able to write without having to repeat the process. Comments can also be written by people who are not registered on the blog.  Because this upgrade has lost the comments you had written from time to time, it would be a great pleasure to me if you rewrite them or add something new.

I am always at your disposal. You can send your comments or suggestions to cosmosblog@outlook.com,  in addition to your comments on the blog itself.



2 responses to “A message for the upgrade of Cosmosblog.io”

  1. Jacob says:

    Nice! 🍹🥇🐦

  2. Maria Atalanti says:

    Thank Jacob. It was a team work

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