A light shone

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 21/02/2021

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A light shone and the young man knew himself.
(Verse from Dionysios Solomos’ poem “The Porphyra (shark)”)

Raindrops soak the soil,
the earth smells fermented,
a loaf of bread, manna of existence.
A light shone!

I am the seed!

The sea is moving,
the waves are inflaming,
whiten with lace,
the coasts.
A light shone!

I am the salt!

The chariot of the sun
crosses the firmament.
It brightens, it warms, it gives life.
A light shone!

I am the sun ray!

Nebulae collide
in chaos
stellar dust is formatted
creating matter.
The universe takes shape.
A light shone!

I am the star!

Spirits move without bodies.
They penetrate the matter.
They give life and movement to the amorphous world.
They are the breath of existence.
A light shone!

I am the consciousness!


rsz_cosmosmaria (002).png


rsz_cosmosmaria (002).png

Information about Dionysios Solomos you can read following the link below:

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