The mask 2

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 01/11/2020

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Hello again. I am the mask who was worrying in May, that the King would lose his power. Don’t even imagine it! The King today is all mighty!

Things were the way I was telling you about. My lady, at that time, had relaxed, she was forgetting to wear me, and I was starting to wilt. But the antiseptic gave me courage: wait and see, he said. And suddenly people started getting sick again, and I started going out with the lady. We went everywhere this time: to supermarkets, to pharmacies, to visits, to restaurants, to outdoor theatres. Great mobility in our lives.

In one of these visits, I had the great fortune to meet the King. Somewhere my lady touched a surface inhabited by the King and then touched me. Immediately, the King and his ministers sat on my surface. Oh, what a great honour! The King was small and invisible, but so clever! His ministers, tireless workers for the cause, the great cause. I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

First, I must inform you that after this visit of the King, my lady became ill, and she was taken to the hospital. I was thrown in a corner without being washed or disinfected. So, I witnessed all the King’s meetings with his ministers. That was far more interesting than going out.

So, I learned the following: The King did not come to earth by chance. He came with a specific goal: to steal or rather hide people’s smile. And how is that possible? This is where I get into the plan. Forcing them to wear a mask! That’s me! Me, who a year ago few knew, and even fewer chose to wear. Me, I am a star!

And the reason they had to steal the smile from the people: simple. I’ll convey their words to you. Pretty much serious, but I’ll try: Most of the evolved beings in the universe are bodiless. Human beings still have bodies and express emotions. This ability, they say, gives them enormous power to direct situations and achieve their goals. Other intelligent beings do not want that. So, they did this campaign to hide the smile, to reduce the contact, the hugs and caressing. There is still the eye contact, but out of their terror, most people freeze the expression in their eyes.

Smart move! I don’t understand any of this, and, as a matter of fact, I don’t care. I hope the situation continues, because it is in fact I who reign this season on earth! Me, the humble, insignificant mask. People want me for protection, the King for power, and hurrah! I’m the one who’s all over the place.

I am Miss Universe 2020!



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