Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 09/09/2020

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Dear Friends,

Every new beginning is like a new birth. The infant must begin their course outwards by abandoning the uterus and passing through a tube to come out into the light and breathe the air. Inside the womb, the baby feels protected and safe. But if they do not come to light, they will never experience existence and will not begin the course of learning and creation. This moment of birth causes them pain and terror and thus, the infant cries before taking their first breath and before closing their eyes in front of the brilliance of light.

So does any new idea, that has been simmering for a while in the mind of its parent-creator and encounters many obstacles until it faces the light and appeals to people. It is, at this moment, that there is a newborn infant idea forming for you that spreads its hands to embrace you. It is up to you, and the support you give to it and, the knowledge that you will pass on, whether this infant idea will grow up and become a useful reality in your daily life.

Furthermore, it invites you to accept it with understanding and promises to give you quality, love, and truth.



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