2020 to 2021

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 03/01/2021

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A flashback.

A pandemic.

Christmas without carols.

Infinite days without company.

Infinite moments in agony.


And yet it was not a war!


People dying.

People getting ill.

People being afraid.

People getting poor.


And yet there were no amputations, there were no rapes, there were no bombings!


It was an invisible enemy.

An enemy invader

which entered our daily routine

and reminded us of the uncertainty in our lives…



We expect

healing, companionship, solidarity.

I am afraid that with the first sun ray

we will forget, and we will be audacious to life.


Like when in peace, we forget that war may come!


I extend my hands to life and call it.

I promise:

I am going to try

to remember, it is all wind blows.

And the reason everything is not dissolved into infinity

it is the Love of Creation for itself…




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