Let us talk about peace

Posted by: Maria Atalanti

Published on: 06/03/2022

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Now that all the news is talking about war, let us talk about peace.

Let us not blame one side or the other, because then we will give strength to the evil. No war began without provocation, and no invasion is justified. War is the denial of life.

Let us talk about the right of every human being to have the essentials for life and to be able to enjoy them. Let us recognize that when we leave work and return home, no matter how many problems we have, that is peace.

Let us appreciate we have food on our table. This is peace.

Our family, every friendly and professional relationship, is the result of peace.

Every joy, every sound of music, every beauty of everyday life is peace.

When at the time of our illness we have a bed to lie down on, medication and people caring for us, that is peace.

The expression of our views, our right to dissent, and even the projection of our ego, is peace.

Peace is the embrace that we want to surround our being every moment, to be able to exist, to create, to fall in love, to dream.

Perhaps in our turbulent world, we cannot impose peace, but we can pray for it and dream of it.

If we accept that the world is permeated by the collective energy and quality that each of us emits, now is the time to reflect on the power of peace. Every negative thought, every criticism of the evil, simply strengthens it because it devotes our time and energy to it, increasing its own time of existence.

I will remind you of the words of Mother Teresa:

“I will not join you in a demonstration against the war. I will join you in a demonstration for peace.”

For us, for all people, for the well-being of our planet, for those who are currently listening to the drums of war and are frightened by the sounds of firearms, we must dream of peace.

Because we know. We have lived in a situation without peace, and we have been hurt. And we are still in pain.

So, let us talk about peace and dream of it with all the vigor of our souls. This soul that has the power to change the world! Negative thinking cannot.


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