I wish I could walk to reach the end and even further,
the end of the world, the infinity!




It is an ancient Greek word of uncertain outcome. Its original meaning was order, settlement, decoration. Today it means the universe, the whole of humans, as well as the animals, the entire planet. It expresses the order and harmony of the natural world. This word is used by many European languages with the meaning of the universe. Choosing this word for the name of the website expresses the desire to invite all people, everywhere, for participation and communication. Its ambition is whatever is written and presented on this website to adorn (ancient meaning of the word cosmos) man and open his soul. The meaning of the word as universe determines the unlimited borders that this website sets in relation to the search for knowledge and truth. Welcome!

maria author



I am Maria. I was born in Cyprus. A beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea with a history of twelve thousand years. Over the course of my life, I have loved the good word and the deep reflection. I tried to learn from my mistakes and convey that knowledge to the people around me. This age of globalization and the internet gives me the opportunity to communicate with many people, from many countries around the world, and enables me to share with you what I have created in my life and what I will still create. For this reason, this blog is published in two languages. Greek and English.

I invite you to come in! It is an honor to have you in my cosmos!



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